Memorial Wall Design & Installation 

BPM were asked to deisgn & Construct a new Memorial Wall, in an isolated location, to commemorate individuals based at MOD Abbey Wood.  

Ilford Park Regeneration 

We were asked to undertake the regeneration of the facility, as the existing roadways, footpaths, patios & courtyards were in a poor state of repair, posing potential hazards to the elderly residents. We undertook surveys, created proposals for new infrastructure such as retaining walls & undertook both hand-lay & machine-lay installation of new asphalt. Improvements were also made to railings to improve safety. 

Lakeside Habitat Improvements 

BPM were tasked with the removal of the defective timber decking areas in 4no. locations around an MOD facility's lake. We then had to create low maintenance natural habitats to improve the aesthetic surroundings. This project required plenty of stategic plannng due to the sensitivity of the area & local wildlife & fauna. We had to pay particluar attention to the local Great Crested Newts as they are a protected species. Initial Habitat & Arboriculture survey's had to be undertaken to the proposed work areas, and employment of an Ecologist to attend site before, during & on completion of the project. 

Confined Space Working 

Following the mission to undertake numerous investigation tests at an MOD facility for the installation of temporary portacabin units, BPM needed to use their confined space trained operatives to place a Sond into the existing manholes which would help trace the below ground drainage pipes when undertaking our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR ) Survey. 

Non-slip Floor Paint 

Benchmarks aim was to upgrade the poor-quality existing floor surface, improve skid resistance and provide a safe working environment for the end-user.  

Airfield Incursion Lighting 

Following a number of dangerous airfield incursions, causing major flight safety hazards, The Royal Navy decided that the existing horizontal Green/Red lights on the ends of the runways required replacing with an improved LED traffic light-like beacon. 
BPM were talked with breaking out & recasting new concrete pads in numerous locations & connecting to new airfield lighting units, which required testing & commissioning from the Air Traffic Control (ATC). 

Airfield Aerodrome Manoeuvring Area (AMA) Signage Improvements 

After an initial inspection of the the existing airfield AMA signage, it was identified that the signs were non-compliant & the location of many of the signs were ineffective. Following this information, Benchmark conducted their very own investigation / survey to identify more appropriate locations & put together a Bill of Quantities (BoQ). Following the guidance from the Navy's SATCO, we removed all of the existing signage & posts & installed new bespoke AMA infrastructure. 

Temporary Modular Kitchen Installation & Enabling Works 

A military airfield site required the installation of a new prefabricated modular kitchen & dining area which would act as a temporary structure, with the the intention of being situated on site for a 2-year period. Benchmark were involved throughout the entire project, from the pre-design investigation works, the design phase, and completing the construction phase (cradle-to-grave). 

RUBB Shelter Enabling Works 

BPM were approached to undertake the enabling works to allow for the installation of a new RUBB Hangar on a live airfield. The enabling works consisted of multiple elements, including the installation of an Acrylicon Decor ESD (electrostatic discharge) floor sealant system. For further information, please click the link below, where you will find another link to our Case Study.  

Firing Range Fencing Project 

Benchmark was asked to remove an existing firing range perimeter timber fencing & concrete posts. We then had to replace the removed posts & fencing with new concrete posts, 1.4m high out of the ground as per the JSP. We supplied & installed a new chain-link fence that extends 600mm below ground level to keep out local wildlife. The installation of a new vehicle & pedestrian access gate was also required. 

Multi-Sport Court Regeneration 

An existing games court was lacking some TLC and ended up in a very poor condition. The surface had loose chippings, the fence was unstable and warped and the posts were showing signs of decay. The perimeter brick edging had become loose in sections and some were missing. The camp requested that the court to be completely refurbished restoring the court to a usable standard, including the supply & installation of 2no. fixed, football goals and basketball backboards. 

Airfield Maintenance & Earthing Works 

Our task was to carry out essential Dispersal and Taxiway Maintenance repairs on a live MOD airfield. We also had to supply a new Earthing matrix to several helicopter landing spots. 
Other Earthing repairs were also carried out on the existing Earthing infrastructure around the airfield, along with the installation of a large quantity of airfield line markings. 

Airfield Surfaces Remedial Works 

Our objective was to improve & prolong the condition of airfield surfaces by undertaking various repairs highlighted in the Monthly Technical Inspection Reports, using tactical planning to ensure a smooth process whilst working on a live military airfield. 

Inner Zone Fencing 

Benchmark's aim was to improve site security by upgrading 750m of inner zone security fence & vehicle gate to the CPNI Standards. It involved breaking out existing fencing, and replacing all panel and posts with new. This was finished off by the construction of a 1m wide stone chipping sterile zone at the base of the new fence line, with timber edgings. 

Conservation Fencing  

For this project, Benchmark were required to supply and install conservation picket fencing inclusive of 2no. pedestrian gates. We also had to relocate 10no. existing picnic benches. The sites ecologist asked if we could supply and install a timber picket fence along the side of the pond while still providing the wildlife room to roam. Benchmark sourced FSC timber locally, moved the numerous picnic benches and constructed the fence, ensuring we met the ecologists’ specifications. 

Motorcycle Shelter 

To construct a bespoke covered motorcycle parking area to assist with the reduction of cars on site, improve customer experience and assist with improvements to the working headquarters environment. In full compliance with RIBA Stage 4. 

Carriageway & Concrete Repairs 

After a technical inspection report was carried out, Benchmark identified multiple carriageway and concrete defects. These defects were found in numerous areas of the site, and required a quality planning and programming procedure. Repairs which were undertaken included pothole repairs in the carriageway and protection of existing service. Works included saw cutting, cold Milling, machine and hand laying surfacing, joint sealing & over banding and thermoplastic line marking. 

Somerset Surfacing & Regeneration Project  

For this project, we had to breakout existing tarmacadam hard standings and concrete washing line posts. Benchmark installed new rotary washing lines and resurfaced the area using an open graded tarmacadam. 
This was followed by breaking out the ineffective concrete channel and replace with new precast concrete channels. 

Raised Pedestrian Crossing 

Over the past several years there have been multiple near misses between vehicles and pedestrians using the pedestrian crossing whilst entering/exiting the clients site. The previous crossing configuration had been deemed to be the cause of these serious H&S incidents. Therefore, we decommissioned the existing pedestrian crossing point, constructed a tarmacadam table-top pedestrian crossing & completed the construction of a new footpath route.  

Aircraft Earthing Points 

Installation of new electrical bonding & earthing points for aircraft and associated Ground Support Equipment, preventing the build up of electrostatic charges. This was either achieved by driving earthing rods deep into the ground, or by connecting multiple earthing points to a central discharge location using copper earthing tape.  

Cycle Storage Hub 

The end user required an increase in cycle storage, outside of the inner zone fence line. Benchmark were tasked with surveying the site to locate and identify suitable areas and then produce a design fitting of those areas to meet the new storage requirements. Following a successful tender bid, Benchmark was then awarded the contract to undertake the construction phase works; site clearance, utilities, civil works and of course the supply and install of a premium two-tier cycle racking system. 

Resin Bound SureSet Permeable Paving Projects 

Information regarding resin-bound permeable paving inclusive of case studies and supporting information - resin products supplied by SureSet. 

10no. LPG Compounds 

Following an audit, it was identified that the 10no. existing LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) compounds require upgrading to ensure compliance with current MOD policy. 

Automated Access Control 

The existing security access system was outdated, non-functioning and no longer fit for purpose and did not provide the adequate level of protection to the site. Benchmark were approached by G4S to design and then install the ground-works and civil infrastructure to allow them to provide the facility with a new, compliant automated access control system. 

High Security Mesh Fencing 

Benchmark was approached to assist in the future proofing of a large site. Works included re-profiling of existing ground levels, installation of CCTV ducting complete with furniture, sterile stone chipping margins, ground radar surveys and installation of approx 1.5km of high security fencing complete with access gates.  

Helicopter Dispersal Airfield Markings 

The existing Helicopter stand lining was no longer suitable and had to be removed from the existing concrete surface. Hydro- Blasting vehicles were employed to effectively remove particles reducing FOD issues on the Live Airfield. Satellite technology was used to map out new markings. Epoxy resin yellow & black paint was then placed using Ride on applicators and Manual Prams. 

South Bristol Crematorium Ulti-Colour Paths 

Bristol City Council approached us for the second time following our previous install in 2017 to further extend their crematorium plots. Just as in 2016 we set-out the site and installed buff coloured tarmac to the crematorium plot paths. The result is a hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing web of footpaths that fully complement the contemporary style of the crematorium. 

Smoking Shelter Upgrade 

The Existing smoking shelters had become old and tired and the capacity was too small for the quantity of on-site users. BPM were approached by Amey Defence Services to upgrade the smoking shelters, including surrounding environments, in four locations across MoD site. 

POL & Fuel Tank Upgrade 

Decommission and remove existing underground fuel tanks. Install new above ground fuel tank, including new fuel pipework, ERIC system and electrics to existing fuel dispensers. 

Refurbish Multi-Use Games Area 

Refurbish a worn, unused tennis court and convert into a Multi-Use Games Area which allows the new facility to be used as a Tennis court, Basketball court and Volleyball court. 

Simple Footpath Construction 

Remove existing path of dangerously raised slabs and replace with a smooth macadam surface.  

Improve & Rebuild Stone Retaining Wall 

Dismantle 90 of stone retaining wall and rebuild true with improvements to strength and drainage. 

Convert Existing Parking Garages into Car Park 

Remove 12no. existing parking garages and construct a free draining car park complete with new close board fencing and LED solar street lighting. 

Tarmac Ulti-Colour Asphalt Playground 

Install aluminum path edging over existing playground surfacing and supply and lay a asphalt binder course. Supply and lay 170m2 of Tarmac Ulti-Colour in a Buff Quartzite. 

Various Improvement Works to Primary School's Exterior 

Installation of school's internal and perimeter fencing. Laid rubber safety surfacing, resin bounded paving, non-slip decking. Structural works to classroom. 

Swimming Pool Concrete Pour 

Enabling works to underground pipework, forming of concrete steps to leaner pool and concrete capping to main pool's deep end. 
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